a recipe for thickening eyelashes with mascara at home

If you are tired of buying mascara that negatively affects your eyelashes, we offer you a recipe to intensify eyelashes by making a home mascara that strengthens and intensifies eyelashes instead of eyelashes falling out as a result of the cosmetics you buy, which have harmful effects due to chemicals added to it and its high cost. We offer you an easy and simple way to make mascara at home with pictures to intensify eyelashes,  the steps that achieve eyelashes extensions 

How to make a recipe for thickening eyelashes with homemade mascara

1- By buying and mixing the following ingredients, which are Vaseline, which you may find available at home or you can buy it from the pharmacy, and get some black, brown and blue eye makeup by putting each color on the Vaseline separately, or putting the three colors together on the Vaseline To get a distinctive mascara color, as well as prepare a brush to be used in applying the mascara


2- Take a small amount of Vaseline with your finger and put it in a bowl (You can add more afterwards if you like.)

How mascara works

3- Then add an appropriate amount of eye makeup (eyeshadow) to the bowl.

How mascara works

4- Then mix the two ingredients seriously so as not to leave lumps in it and do not use your finger to stir, but use cotton swabs to stir after removing the cotton from it or another clean stick.

How mascara works

5- Then cover the bowl and wrap it well with a plastic wrap of the type Saran so that the mascara does not dry out


How mascara works

6- Enjoy applying the mascara that you prepared yourself.

How mascara works

This was how to make mascara  at home through easy steps and simple ingredients. You will get a healthy and beautiful mascara without cost or any harmful chemicals, 

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