A homemade mask for the care of your hair


We love all of grandma’s little recipes, practical, inexpensive solutions that are almost always within reach in a cupboard, without having to run out and buy a lot of ingredients. Today, we want to offer you a radical recipe to repair damaged hair or hair that is a little dull and flattened. This recipe is top notch and is ideal for those on a budget or people who are tired of spending a fortune on their hair.

If your hair is long and damaged at the end, but you don’t really feel like cutting it, this homemade mask is for you.


Everyone knows that olive oil is the ideal solution against any type of dryness, and in addition to nourishing the hair it makes them suddenly softer and more shiny, but be careful to apply it only. starting halfway through your hair and then stretching it to the ends, or your roots will be oily and this is not really the effect you want.

As for honey, it is a regenerator which repairs the epidermis, makes the hair more shiny by nourishing the scalp. Honey also generally makes smoothing easier, but it also helps create nicer waves when dried. Honey can also lighten hair.

Use relatively runny orange blossom honey, since plain orange blossom is usually moisturizing. It is a honey that smells good.

You can also add a little lemon, its acidic action will lighten your hair very slightly (especially if you are exposed to the sun) without drying it out, due to the other ingredients.

  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 8 tablespoons of water
  • 4 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon (optional)

Once the ingredients are well mixed, take care to completely untangle your hair before soaking it dry with the mask with your fingers, about 10cm from the root to the tips of your ends. If your hair is not too long you can wrap it directly in plastic wrap. To accentuate the effect, you can also choose to wrap them in a small, warm towel: the heat will penetrate the mask into your hair fiber and allow the mask to have an even more effective effect.

Regarding the exposure time, keep it at least 1 hour. Otherwise you can leave on for 2-3 hours, this is enough to nourish your hair.

After that, simply do a regular shampoo by rubbing your roots well to remove all the mask, the honey mixed with oil and water is removed quite easily, then let your hair air dry, or even dry. sun if you want to benefit from the (weak) lightening action of honey. They are already well fed, so the sun will damage them less.