If you are in the process of getting rid of dead skin cells on your body by doing peeling or sanding your body yourself at home, today, through this article in your hands, we will show how to make a body scrub using sea salt, as sea salt is very important and useful in making body exfoliation and is happy to get Soft hands and feet.

Sea salt helps open pores, stimulates blood circulation, stimulates cell growth and extracts toxins from the body, and the many mineral salts in it are a natural soothing to the cells of the body.

Body and face scrub

In addition, this scrub also contains olive oil, coconut oil and coconut milk. Olive oil and coconut oil penetrate the skin deeply, bringing the moisturizing effect to the depths of the skin, as well as helping to increase the smoothness of the skin and fight the appearance of wrinkles.

Also, olive oil helps to increase the freshness of the skin and skin, and coconut oil helps prevent wrinkles and early signs of aging, and has anti-microbial properties.

As for coconut milk, it is rich in fats and nutrients that nourish and moisturize the body and help clean pores and remove excess oils from the skin

Below we will show two different ways to make a body scrub using sea salt

A face and body scrub using sea salt to whiten and rejuvenate the skin

First method:

First, the ingredients:

Sea salt – Extra virgin olive oil – Citrus fruits (like lemon, orange or grapefruit..)

Second: the steps:

1- Put half a cup of sea salt in a bowl

2- Add to it also half a cup of olive oil (it is preferable to use extra virgin olive oil here)

3- Then wash the citrus fruit you chose, let it be lemon, and then grate it with a grater

4- Then add two tablespoons of grated lemon to the mixture of salt and olive oil

5- Mix these ingredients together well and then add the mixture in a small bowl

6- Then before you take a bath, massage your body with the scrub, but gently and gently because sea salt is very strong.

Just massage your body with it in a circular motion and after a few minutes take a warm bath and remove the scrub (no soap needed), then dry your body and use a moisturizer or lotion to apply it to your body. You can repeat the use of this scrub once a week.



Second method:

First, the ingredients:

Sea salt – Coconut oil – Coconut milk (unsweetened)

Second: the steps:

1- Put a cup of sea salt in a bowl

2- Then add one to one and a half tablespoons of coconut oil to it

3- Then mix 4 tablespoons of coconut milk with it

4- Mix these ingredients together well so that you get the scrub, put it in a glass container to keep it

Now, massage your body with this scrub in a circular motion, and after a few minutes, take a warm bath and remove the scrub, and you can repeat this once or twice a week.


Make sure that the sea salt you use is not coarse enough to hurt your body, and to make sure it is not coarse, grind it first with a coffee grinder.

Every time you use the scrub, shake the bowl well, because the salt settles at the bottom.

Do not use this scrub for the face or for sensitive skin, as it may harm it.

You can also add some other ingredients to this scrub, such as sugar, aloe vera gel, oats, cocoa powder, cinnamon or lemon juice.

In the end, we hope that you have benefited from the information presented in this article, and that you have learned a new and correct way to make an easy, simple and beneficial scrub for the body yourself at home.