Professor Alexey Kovalkov, a Russian nutrition expert, said that the use of diuretic drugs and preparations does not help in weight loss, but rather exacerbates the health problems that a person suffers from.


In an interview with URA.RU, the professor points out that many of those who want to lose weight suffer from kidney problems, but they do not know it. And they try to expel excess fluids from the body by stimulating the work of the kidneys by taking diuretic drugs and preparations, which causes great harm to their health.

He says, “This is just widespread stupidity, because even a person who has the lowest level of education and at least studied anatomy in school knows that there is no communication between subcutaneous fat cells and the bladder. So how do you get rid of subcutaneous fat?” Through the bladder. However, many of those who want to get rid of excess weight stimulate the kidneys, because they do not know that this may lead to death.

The professor also refuted the common myth about the use of laxatives to get rid of excess weight, noting that they do not affect either near or far the adipose tissue.

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