A Chinese mixture that tightens the skin and prevents the appearance of wrinkles

The  gorgeous complexion of Chinese  girls hides their  aging and accentuates the  beauty  of their faces.
What is  the secret  behind their  smooth and wrinkle- free  skin?
These are the mixtures
Of  natural and nutritious  ingredients, which  contribute to stimulating blood  circulation  in the face.
To  prepare a  similar mixture, you  need the albumen  of one egg, a teaspoon of lemon, and  one of olive oil.
Mix the  ingredients  well and  put them  in the  fridge for  5  minutes to combine, then rinse and clean.
Wash your face with lukewarm water, then  put the  mask  on the face for 15  minutes and wash your face again.
Repeat this  mask  once  a week to get a  great result.
After  4 weeks,  you will  notice that your  skin has  become  more  fresh and youthful.

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