A body lightening mixture with amazing results

A mixture to lighten the skin with impressive results. Use it three weeks or more before your big events, and you will see the results that satisfy you. You need the following ingredients:


Laurel soap


Rose water


Two tablespoons of turmeric body


Small Vicks Box





Liquid glycerin


Glysolid box


The amount of one cup of the three oils:


Castor oil.


– Bitter almond oil.


-olive oil .


Grate the laurel soap and soak it in rose water (about a cup) for a whole day


On the second day, add the rest of the ingredients and mix them well, either by hand or in a blender.


Keep it in a glass container in the fridge


Start using it a day after you save it, put it on your body for two hours or more (the longer the period, the better).


Take a shower and preferably with this mixture use papaya soap

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