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9 tips to lose weight without may read them for the first time

Are you following a diet to lose weight and not succeeding every time? In fact, calorie restriction leads to weight gain and even obesity.

“The coping mechanisms are well known: the body adapts to reduce its needs, then goes into thrift mode, and the thyroid slows down,” says dietitian Véronique Liesse. There is an adaptation of the microbes; This leads to a loss of muscle mass or affects the metabolism.

The specialist provides 9 tips for losing weight without dieting in the following article.


Respect the chronographic rhythm


to lose weight without dieting; Consider respecting meal times. Eating too late at night makes you fat, but the difference between your morning and midday meals also has a detrimental effect. “We have a chronograph,” says specialist Veronique Leese. Any central clock in the brain regulates a lot of internal clocks, so you should eat food at its regular times and not too late.”

Weight loss goes through the heart!


Just telling yourself that you want to lose 5, 10 or 20 kilos is not enough. “We need a goal close to our hearts like I’ll be able to walk long distances again, play with my children or my nephews, and dress as I please,” says specialist Veronique Leys. The question is what matters is self-motivation in order to lose the kilograms you want to lose. Ask yourself the question: What can I do? Is this I can no longer do today as I gain weight?


Stop counting calories


If you are only interested in calories in food; You are completely wrong. Nutritionist Veronique says; Because the quality of the food is also important. Case in point: Almonds are calorie-dense, but they are an excellent snack; Because it contains good fats and a lot of fiber.

“If the food has a high calorie density, of course choose the food with a higher nutritional density instead.”


Pay attention to some of the things that hinder weight loss


The two main barriers to weight loss are insulin resistance, which is something that recurs “if your body makes more insulin; You store more, and you never get rid of the stock.” Thyroid disorders Without the thyroid gland diseased “The poor function of the gland causes the body to store more easily.”

Weight gain may also be related to taking medications. If you are unable to lose weight; It is best to consult a doctor or a nutritionist to accompany you healthy, and he is aware of these problems.


Watch your lifestyle


Lifestyle, stress level and sleep quality particularly affect weight. “There are very tired people who don’t lose weight. The cortisol that is produced when we are tired promotes weight gain. Chronic stress leads to a deterioration of the intestinal ecosystem that alters weight,” explains specialist Veronique. Sleep has a key role in metabolism and appetite. To lose weight, you need to sleep well and in good health and learn how to manage stress.



Try to cook raw products yourself


Cook the products yourself and avoid bringing them ready from the market



Specialist Veronique warns against consuming processed foods that may not contain fiber or have “broken” fibers that hinder weight loss. This is why it is necessary to avoid consuming industrial products, and to cook raw products to lose weight.





Don’t run away from fat


“We no longer say that fat is responsible for weight gain. The fats eliminated from the diet are replaced by an excess of carbohydrates that quickly appear on the scale. Plus, good fatty acids like omega-3s instead help you lose weight,” says Veronique. The correct strategy is to control the amount of fat and especially its quality. “Preference should be given to the good “omega-3” fatty acids found in rapeseed, walnut and flaxseed oils, as well as in small fatty fish (sardines, mackerel, herring, etc.”).


Take care of your microbes


“We are now certain that microbes play a role in weight gain. Some strains are more associated with thinness than others,” explains Veronique: Before these strains can be used on people who lack them, the right strategy for everyone is to take “prebiotics” that nourish the gut bacteria and allow good bacteria to thrive, which are available in whole foods. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, omega-3s, spices and green tea (polyphenols act as prebiotics).


Make the starch resistant


Knowing how to cook foods means making them more nutritionally important. For example, to lower the glycemic index (GI) of carbohydrates with starch, such as potatoes and lentils; The trick is to increase the resistant starch content by cooking these foods, then leaving them in the refrigerator overnight before eating them. The nutritionist explains: “The starch turns into resistant starch, which we cannot digest.” Which reduces its calorie content. In addition, it has a biological effect and will nourish our microorganisms.”

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