9 facial hair removal mistakes you should avoid

There are many and many ways to remove facial hair, as it is possible to resort to thread, laser, facial hair removal devices  , wax and others. On the other hand, when doing this step, whatever tool you choose, it is necessary to pay attention to some mistakes that you may make and harm your skin. From here, in the following lines, we will provide you with the most prominent steps that you should avoid while removing facial hair.

Mistakes in removing facial hair

1- Choosing methods for removing facial hair that are not suitable for your skin type

There are some facial hair removal methods that are not suitable for all skin types. For example, the woman with sensitive skin, it is preferable to stay away from using the blade on the face or hair removal creams because they cause redness and sensitivity of the skin. From here, you have to choose the methods that suit your skin before removing facial hair.

2- Not preparing the face before hair removal 

Regardless of the method you choose to remove facial hair, you must make sure to clean the face, especially of make-up, and moisturize it before removing hair from it. Then, wait 30 minutes before starting to remove hair. Also, make sure to peel off the face a day before removing facial hair.

3- Removing facial hair caused by hormonal problems without treating the underlying problem

Sometimes excess hair may appear on the skin as a result of a hormonal imbalance. In this case, you must visit a specialized doctor before resorting to removing them, because this step will not be the radical and ideal solution. From here, check with the doctor the reason for the appearance of these hairs, because their treatment may be related to solving the problem of hormones.

4- A combination of facial hair removal methods

When you get used to a particular method of facial hair removal, it is preferable not to mix methods. For example, do not use a razor and then apply wax to remove hair, because this step may increase the sensitivity and redness of the skin.

5- Choosing an inappropriate blade to remove facial hair

First, if you choose to remove facial hair with a razor, you must choose a blade dedicated to the face, and you should never use the one intended for removing body hair. Also, the face must be dry while shaving the face without using any lotion or

6- Use the blade in an opposite way to the direction of the hair

When using the razor to remove facial hair, it is important that you use it in the direction of the hair and not vice versa, because this may cause skin irritation and redness.

7- Not sanitizing facial hair removal tools before using them

Before removing facial hair, and regardless of the methods that you may use such as a razor, electronic hair removal tools, laser and others, it is important to disinfect the tools before you put them on your skin. This step prevents bacteria from multiplying and thus reduces the possibility of skin irritation.

8- Excessive use of hair removal cream on the face

Hair removal cream is not considered one of the tools that is recommended to be applied to the face, because it may cause redness and skin sensitivity, due to the chemicals it contains. From here, try as much as possible to stay away from applying this step on the face.

9- Not taking care of the skin after removing facial hair

Just as the skin must be prepared before hair removal, it must also be taken care of after doing this step. From here, make sure to apply post-hair removal creams  and make sure to moisturize the face after you finish removing facial hair. You should also pay attention not to excessive exposure to the sun, for about one day after hair removal

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