8 wonderful essential oils and their relationship to relaxation


8 wonderful essential oils and their relationship to relaxation

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Essential oils or volatile oils are easily volatile oil extracts obtained from plants or parts of them, characterized by having a fragrant smell, such as clove oil for example. Essential oils are made up of many different ingredients, and they are fat-soluble even though they don’t contain any fatty ingredients.

Essential oils are considered a real and natural treasure, so we find among them what is a treatment for skin defects and other psychological and physical treatments, and it is not only for relaxation, some of them help relieve pain, and some of them help with vitality and activity and other benefits, and it is advised that the pregnant woman avoid them..as well as vegetable oils must be used with caution and diluted with water. .

1- Basil oil:

When feeling tired, anxious, or feeling tired after doing an effort at work, basil oil can provide you with a feeling of comfort and recovery, as it helps to relax and balance the body, and you can use it to massage the body or add points of it to the bath water. rapid.

Basil oil also helps treat indigestion or flatulence, especially, and it can be mixed with one of the essential oils and a light massage of the pain area.

Aesthetic benefit:
You can massage all the places exposed to the fluctuations of the weather on your skin with a mixture that contains basil oil, as it helps to get rid of bacteria. It should also not be used for long periods of time.

2- Bergamot oil:

Bergamot oil is made from the peel of the bergamot fruit, which gives a feeling of calm and refreshment, and helps to get rid of stress, and you can use it for massage or add it to the bath water. Bergamot oil is also antiseptic and can be used to remove throat congestion, mouth ulcers, and treat bad breath if added to gargling water.

Aesthetic benefit:

It can help treat acne, as it is suitable for oily skin, skin psoriasis, and lip ulcers if it is added to a massage cream and placed over the place to be treated.
Points of it can be added to the water spray and sprayed to perfume all rooms of the house..


3- Cedarwood oil:


It is similar to its two previous companions in that it gives a feeling of calm and refreshment, so it can be used when feeling stressed and frustrated by massaging or adding it to bath water or room incense, and because cedarwood oil is an antiseptic that can be mixed with sandalwood oil and used with bath water to treat cystitis.

Aesthetic benefit:

Cedar wood oil is an astringent for body tissues, so it can be used to treat acne, as well as to treat oily hair, skin irritation, and dandruff. Just add it to a cream to massage the skin of the head and after applying it, leave it for “40” minutes, then wash your hair as usual.
Dip small pieces of beech wood in cedar wood oil and then place them near the heating places of the house, as it spreads a beautiful aroma throughout the house.

4- Chamomile flower oil:


It has a mild hypnotic efficacy, as it works to treat the nervous system from anxiety and insomnia, and on the other hand, it can treat indigestion and diarrhea, use it in massage or with bath water.


Aesthetic benefit:

Chamomile flower oil works against inflammation, so it can be used to treat skin problems caused by stress, such as dehydration and eczema, by adding it to the bath water.

It is soothing and therefore recommended for use by children and the elderly.


5- Sage oil:

It works to raise the morale in the case of sadness and depression, and it can be useful in the case of muscle pain resulting from sports if it is used for massage or with bath water.


Eucalyptus oil:




It is known for its effectiveness in reviving the nervous system because it is stinging and strong in effect, so it can be used in case of fatigue or headache by adding it to the bath water or as incense by adding drops of it to the oil vaporizer or inhaling it in a steam bath. Sinusitis or bronchitis, and it can be placed over light wounds and cracks above the lips resulting from changes in the weather, but if the weather is cold, which irritates you with rheumatic pain, the place of pain can be treated by applying warm compresses of eucalyptus oil, and it should not be used for young people..


Geranium oil:


It is famous as a balancing oil, as it calms the nerves and raises the morale, as well as provides activity and strength, and it is one of the most important oils to treat menopausal problems, and helps those who suffer from rapid heart palpitations and psychological disturbance, especially during the night. Take a bath before bed and add geranium to it..


Aesthetic benefit:

Because it is a balancing oil, it can be used for dry or oily skin because it balances the secretions of the sebaceous glands. It also works against inflammation for those who suffer from intractable acne problems, whether in the face, chest or back area. It can be used in the steam bath or as warm compresses. If you love the smell of flowers, you can use it Ordinary perfume.


Jasmine oil:



It is the most effective and necessary oil in providing refreshment and raising the spirits. Its beautiful rose scent has a great impact on human feelings and gives you a sense of fun and self-confidence if you use it purely as a perfume.


Aesthetic benefit:


Jasmine oil helps soothe inflamed skin, especially if the inflammation is a result of anxiety or frustration. Use it as a diluted wipe..

Jasmine oil is one of the most expensive essential oils, so we must take into account when buying it that its price may be equal to three times the price of some other oils.

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