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8 Things You’ve Probably Wrong About Body Hygiene

Since our infancy, we all have some routine that we practice in our body hygiene. But sometimes we do these cleaning routines in the wrong ways and we are not aware that we are doing it wrong. There are many details that we need to pay attention to even a simple tooth brushing process. When we skip these details, we may encounter unintended consequences. In this list we have listed things you probably did wrong about body hygiene. If you are ready, let’s get started?


1. Using the same pad all day


In the period of the period, sanitary pads should be changed no more than 4 hours. On days with excessive bleeding, this period should be reduced to two hours. Without forgetting, underwear should not be worn for a long time, just like pads. Experts recommend changing your underwear 2 or 3 times a day.


2. Using wire buckle or stick in ear cleaning


Experts recommend that you do not use things like sticks or buckles when cleaning the ears. These can cause injuries as they are not effective in ear cleaning. You can get help from napkins when cleaning your outer ear. If you want a more detailed cleaning, you can get professional help by going to an ear-nose-throat polyclinic.


3. Cut every day


The skin is renewed every 6 weeks. In this period, exfoliations and dryness can be seen in the skin. Peeling the body every time you take a shower can cause your skin to become irritated. Instead, you can use it twice a week. Also, let us remind you to moisturize your body after the shower.


4. Not changing shoe insoles

Shoes insoles should be changed every 6-12 months. First of all, insoles cannot support your feet after a while. In addition, due to bacteria, the root odor begins to form.


5. Not rubbing the armpits


Experts say that the skin under the armpits should also be poured over time and the skin should be renewed. However, when making a pouch on our body, the armpits are often neglected. If you think this area is sensitive, you can rub it with your hands.


6. Using antibacterial soap


The fact that soap or gels have stronger ingredients does not mean that they are better. You should avoid cleansers that dry and irritate your face for your skin health. Because antibacterial products can upset the natural balance of the skin. This can result in the early signs of aging manifesting itself.


7. Constantly disinfecting hands


We know that you have not been traveling without a colony or disinfectant since the coronavirus pandemic began. But using these products too often can irritate your hands. In the long term, wounds may form in the form of open cuts. Instead of using these products too often, you can wash your hands with natural soaps. Do not forget to use your daily moisturizing cream.


8. Applying pressure when brushing teeth


Many studies show that brushing without pressure for 2 minutes cleanses the teeth. But most people use pressure when brushing their teeth. This will not make your teeth any cleaner. On the contrary, it can increase oral health problems.

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