7 Very Small But Effective Things You Can Do to Become a Much Happier Human

Happiness is an infectious thing! However, it may not always be possible to take advantage of this infectious situation.This can cast a shadow on our mood while traffic or rainy weather will be happy. However, you can improve your relationships with very small steps and increase your happiness level by feeling much better.


1. Make a personal mantra


What is the first thought that comes to mind when you wake up in the morning? If this is not a positive thing, get rid of it first. Your inner voice and words are very effective at determining your mood for the rest of the day. So don’t spend it. Set a sentence that will raise your personal mode and motivate you. This can be a positive suggestion, a goal, or even a joke. Make sure that this is something that will bring energy to your face and smile to your body.


2. Just breathe


Life can be very cruel to present to you the plan you have elaborated from your mind. And it’s not fun when it does. When things don’t work out, it can be much easier to overcome the events that make this burden feel heavy just by breathing. Even if it is only for a few minutes, block the extra thoughts floating around in your mind and focus on your breath.


3. Increase your vitamin C levels


Make oranges and tangerines your best friend Vitamin C increase your intake. Vitamin C has a mod-boosting property. So if you feel very unhappy before you go to work, lie down on one orange instead of drinking coffee. With this small step you will automatically start to feel much better.


4. Be assertive about colors

Some people feel safer with more natural and soft colors when it comes to colors. But sometimes that can be far from inspiring. Visually strong colors are known to affect mood, so make room for vibrant and bright colors to feel happy and energetic in your home or workplace.


5. Make accumulation


Our financial situation plays a big role in our daily lives. Yes, money can’t buy happiness. However, you can increase your happiness and peace level by accumulating slowly.


6. Bring movement to your body


Laziness has a power that can lead to unhappiness. Therefore, sitting an active lifestyle is essential for a happy life. Regular exercise offers a much happier life by reducing stress levels as well as health benefits.


7. Treat yourself like a king/queen


You can’t expect anyone to spoil you. But no one can stop you from doing this on your own. Taking time for yourself and taking care of yourself is one of the secrets of happiness…

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