7 steps to apply to be beautiful in 10 minutes

Here are my dears, 7 important tips and exercises to be beautiful in ten minutes every day, follow them with us and apply them to be always beautiful:


1. Start with facial exercises:


Push your head back and open and close your mouth in succession while you stretch your tongue back and forth. This exercise helps you to tighten the chin, and if you open your mouth wide, “as if you are smiling,” it is extended completely forward 20 times, for a period of at least 4 weeks, you will get an amazing result, as you will feel a tightening in the face.


2. Achieve healthy-looking skin and a great complexion:


Use facial moisturizers “it does not have to be expensive because the goal is to moisturize only” and eat vegetables and fruits, especially carrots, as it gives the skin a beautiful clear color.





3. Wash your face with cold water:


In addition to the fact that cold water refreshes the skin, it also tightens it, so always make sure to wash your face with cold water, “no matter how cold the weather is.”


4. Moisturizing the face:


Facial moisturizers also protect against wrinkles, “bearing in mind that there are special moisturizers for people with oily skin.”


5. Eye puffiness:


Place cold tea bags on eyes for 5 minutes. Why tea? Because tea contains tannin, which reduces puffiness around the eye.


6. Doing sports:


Exercising continuously gives you a healthy, taut body.


7. Hair care:


Applying hair moisturizers continuously, making oil baths for dry hair, and getting rid of damaged ends by cutting hair at least twice a year.

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