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6 Beauty Editor-Approved Tips for Porcelain-Like Skin

Interested in skin care, but have a tight budget or can’t get too deep into the work? Many experts say this is hardly necessary. Other than serious medical issues, there are a few small things we can do to keep or improve our skin the best it can be. Most of them are almost free. When you start integrating these recommendations, which focus more on your habits, into your life, you will definitely see positive results. Although it may seem difficult and grueling to acquire these habits at first, they will become a part of your life as soon as it settles into order. You may need to invest in a few good products for some recommendations, but we assure you it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

1. Start drinking lots of water before you think about buying expensive products

A basic rule that we all know but do not apply is to drink plenty of water. Dehydration can be the main cause of many skin problems, from dryness to wrinkles, from oily skin to acne. If you are also complaining about these, you should take a look at your water drinking habits before turning to expensive creams. When you start consuming at least 3 liters of water a day, you will witness an incredible change in your skin and metabolism. Do not leave the house without putting your water in your glass bottle or thermos at home, and even throw lemon slices in it if you want, so you will do yourself a favor and protect the nature.

2. Do not forget to apply sunscreen even in the snow and winter

Most of us remember to apply sunscreen only in summer. However, the harmful effects of the sun on our skin continue throughout the year. Beauty editors strongly recommend that you do not rely on the SPF protection in foundation or BB creams and include a sunscreen suitable for your skin in your daily routine. Apparently living in cloudy places is no excuse not to use sunscreen!

3. Two-layer cleaning is definitely a step worth your time

At first it might sound like something the industry made up to get us twice as many products, but beauty editors insist on its importance. So what is this two-layer cleaning? We can define it as first cleaning your face with a heavy oil-based or balm-form cleanser that will dissolve all your make-up and dirt, and then finishing your skin cleansing with a lighter gel or water-based cleanser. So what we’re saying is that removing your make-up only with oil-based products does not mean being good to your skin. No matter how tired you are when you get home, removing your makeup with these two steps will completely transform your skin.

4. Try Gua Sha stones

What is this Gua Sha? Gua Sha is a type of massage and alternative therapy used to improve your circulation. It has been used for centuries as one of the unique healing methods of ancient China. These tools, which are just starting to become popular, seem to throw the shoes of tools such as derma-roller into the roof. A similar tool to this tool, which is generally made of quartz stone, is the facial roller. Experts recommend that you massage and exfoliate your skin with Gua Sha for 10 minutes every day.

5. Remember that all products have an expiration date

The number written on the tiny jar on the back of the cosmetic products tells you how many months your product should be consumed after the lid is opened. Although products with powder formula have a longer shelf life, many skin care products should definitely not be consumed after the expiration date. If you notice the slightest odor or color change, dispose of the product immediately.

6. Use paper towels, not towels

This is a very important step, but one that many of us do not take. Never wipe your face, especially with the towel with which you dry your hands, if possible, use a paper towel. Remember that in humid environments such as the bathroom, microbes reproduce very quickly and stay on your towels.

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