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5 wrong habits that destroy your feet

The feet are considered one of the most important parts of the body, as they contain hundreds of muscles that help you in running, walking, and everything else in life. Thus, they play a major role in your physical health, so you must always be careful to pay attention to the cleanliness and health of your feet, and you must also massage the muscles of the feet. Regularly to protect them from chronic pain and diseases, we present to you 5 wrong habits that destroy your feet. Avoid them to enjoy healthier and more vibrant feet….




1- Running in the wrong way: Many people practice running in the wrong way, such as landing on the outer part of the feet and then the inner part. This may cause a lot of pain and affect the muscles of the legs, knees, hips, and back. Therefore, if you practice running on a regular basis, you must follow Instructions from a specialized trainer so that you do not suffer from tired feet.



2- Uncomfortable sandals: Eve may wear sandals made of uncomfortable fabrics, or the shoe may be too narrow in the front, causing pain in the small or big toe, or it may lead to the appearance of painful skin lumps that do not look good, so you must When buying new shoes, you should choose one that is comfortable for your feet, and you should also make sure to moisturize your feet regularly.



3- Not strengthening the arches of the feet: Many women suffer from muscle tears in the arched part of the feet, and this occurs as a result of your not paying close attention to strengthening this area and protecting it from pain. The solution to this problem is by placing a small ball such as a golf ball on the ground and then trying to lift it out. With your toes, do this process and treat it as if it were a disease prevention strategy.



4- Wearing the wrong socks: You must try socks before buying or using them, as there are sweat glands in your feet. If you wear cotton socks, they cause blisters and pimples to appear, which cause you some pain, unlike socks made of composite wicking material. You must also wear the wrong socks. Spray your feet with antiperspirant before wearing your shoes to completely prevent sweat from appearing.



5- Not resting your feet: This is a wrong habit that you must abandon. Just as you stretch your body to take a break and relax, you must also stretch your feet for a certain period to become healthier and more active, especially if your feet are tied all day with shoes, so you can help them by wearing toe socks. foot to give your toes a chance to breathe and move on their own

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