5 ways to tighten skin without Botox or plastic surgery

5 ways to tighten skin without Botox or plastic surgery


Whether you want to hide facial and forehead lines or annoying smile lines, there are ways to tighten the skin without Botox or cosmetic surgeries that may do the trick; What do you think of getting to know her?



From laser treatments, to chemical peels that can be used at home, to high-intensity focused ultrasound technology, here are the most prominent face and skin-lift techniques away from needles or plastic surgery.


laser treatments


Laser treatments are one of the most prominent non-surgical facelift methods. The laser treatment takes less than an hour and works to hide fine facial lines by tightening the pores of the skin.




Microneedling is a popular skin tightening treatment option. This technology purifies open pores, which reflects freshness and youthfulness on the skin. This method requires up to four sessions with an interval of two to four weeks. Sometimes, this treatment is supplemented with cocktails of vitamins and antioxidants for maximum benefits.


carboxy therapy


Carboxy therapy depends on the introduction of carbon dioxide gas into the middle layer of the skin to create a state of hypoxia, which reduces the oxygen supply in that area. This in turn stimulates the brain to send more nutrients to the treated area. The result is more collagen for younger, firmer skin.


chemical peeling


The chemical peel technique is known as one of the most reliable non-surgical treatments. This technique works to reduce the pores, which is reflected on the skin with a fresh, youthful and lively appearance.


HIFU . High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Technology


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology is the most approved technology by the US Food and Drug Administration. This technology stimulates collagen production using ultrasound energy. It is also used in the treatment of double chin in addition to face-lift operations.

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