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5 ways to say goodbye to dark circles under the eyes - Care Beauty

5 ways to say goodbye to dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles that appear in the area under the eyes, and cause girls to be anxious and embarrassed about the eye, and many attributed the appearance of these circles to either staying up late, drinking caffeinated drinks, or getting old.


Beautician Marwa Jamil offers a number of ways to get rid of these dark circles:


The first method: Make “compresses” of fresh cucumber slices for the eyes, by closing the eyes, and placing the cucumber slices over each eye, so that they touch the surrounding skin, while relaxing for a quarter of an hour.


The second method: Use compresses of mint juice, by placing a cotton ball in mint juice and placing it on the eye while relaxing for ten minutes.





The third method: compresses potato slices, as an “alternative to cucumber slices,” by closing the eyes and placing a slice of potato over each eye while relaxing for a quarter of an hour as well.


Fourth method: Apply a mixture of one teaspoon of almond oil and a quarter of a teaspoon of almond oil to dark circles


Mint juice.


Fifth method: Put compresses of warm tea for ten minutes, followed by cold tea compresses for five minutes.


Marwa Jamil stresses the need to get enough sleep while avoiding psychological and physical stress, with interest in eating a healthy diet that is balanced in its nutrients and rich in iron in particular.