5 Ways To Have Great Long Hair HAIR CARE

5 ways to have great long hair

Long hair
The ULTIMATE Guide on How to Maintain Long Hair

– the scrub and scrape method
If the blood circulation is not good enough in the scalp, the hair roots are not getting the oxygen and nutrients necessary for healthy and healthy hair growth. To improve blood circulation in the scalp, use a brush made of natural lint and then massage the scalp while using the shampoo. This helps deliver nutrients to the hair roots, and also improves the process of getting rid of dead cells, dirt and oils that prevent proper hair growth due to blockage of the sebaceous glands. If this happens, the roots of your hair will become greasy and the ends of the hair will become dry. Since dry hair is more weak and brittle, it is more likely to break before it reaches its ideal length, so massaging the scalp can really help in achieving shiny, healthy hair ends.

2- Stimulate with the best shampoos
Daily shampooing is supposed to leave the scalp clean and pristine, but if the shampoo isn’t good enough, it’s time for a change. Use shampoos that contain active ingredients that are able to extend the hair growth cycle, that is, ingredients that are able to make the hair roots grow for a longer time. There are shampoos that contain natural ingredients, such as eucalyptus, that stimulate the scalp and effectively remove dirt.

3- Granting hair leave
The use of a lot of styling products may make the dirt get stuck in your hair, while the use of an electric dryer or a straightening iron may lead to dry, weak and easy hair to break. So, give your hair a leave of absence by letting it dry naturally once a week. And remember that with the development of technology, electric dryers and straightening irons are getting hotter, it is therefore advisable to coat the hair strands with a protective product before styling.

4- Essential Nutrients It is
true that your health is linked to what you eat, but there are some foods that help you get healthy and shiny hair. Hair is protein, and therefore it is necessary to eat adequate amounts of protein. Choose high-quality foods such as lean meat, fish, chicken and eggs, especially at breakfast when the energy levels in the hair roots are at their lowest. Healthy snacks are also essential because the hair roots run out of energy if you don’t eat for long hours in a row.
You can also benefit from nutritional supplements, such as mineral tablets and multivitamins, that fill any deficiency in your body as a result of poor nutrition or strict diet. Scientists and experts have linked vitamin B deficiency to hair loss, so it is generally recommended to take B vitamin supplements to reduce hair loss.
5- Hair loss
Try to stay away as much as possible from stress because stress distracts the blood supply from accomplishing basic tasks, such as digestion and hair growth, which means that the blood that reaches the hair pockets is lacking the necessary nutrients. Anxiety also affect the endocrine system. Stress produces more adrenaline, which may turn into cholesterol, and in turn turn into testosterone, the male hormone that influences hair loss and hair growth. Stress also causes alterations in the secretions of the skin and scalp that normally control the bacteria responsible for itching on the scalp. In excessive cases, the imbalance of hormones and secretions can increase hair loss significantly