5 ways to detox your home

We’ve read a lot about detoxing our bodies and minds as a way to start over and rid ourselves of negativity, but what we often tend to neglect is the fact that our surroundings and our dwellings play a big role too, after all how can we expect to move on to better things if we keep bumping into things that work. A reminder of the past, so it’s time to detox the house.


Clean up your trash


Your messy closet, your dirty hair and makeup brushes, your dirty doormat, all of these you need to sanitize, clean, take care of and wash after using and dirty.


Let some air in


Open those curtained windows and let some air in, put some plants along the windowsill, buy scented candles and scents, and add life to your office or home in case you feel like it’s not.


Disassemble your electronics


One of the biggest things about detoxing is technology, and we know you can’t do without it, but you can organize electronic devices in a corner, instead of plugging them into every socket in your living room, which would be a great start.


Get rid of old things


It is believed that old things tend to retain negative energy from times past, so get rid of the things that do not bring you happiness, in order to make room for the things that do, because holding on to feelings, memories and everything that once constituted something for you, can lead you to sadness Not feeling comfortable.


Deep clean your home


Look deeper inside, get rid of old snacks and spices piled up in your kitchen shelf, get rid of expired makeup, donate old clothes to charity, and if necessary ask a professional to deep clean your house.





Don’t bring your shoes into the house

Several studies show that people who walk in their shoes indoors bring in lead, pollen, and pesticides, so taking off your heels (or sandals) at the door is easy and free, and avoids a lot of toxins.

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