5 step Korean skincare routine for glowing skin


The Korean skincare routine has been praised for its magical skin-improving powers,  but it can be, in short, intense —  sometimes as long as 10 steps. This can be especially daunting if you are a practical woman and want to save time. To  learn how to create a morning  skincare  routine,  follow this thread:

 5 step Korean  skincare  routine for  glowing  skin

Korean  skincare  routine

Step 1: Double Clean

Double cleansing is a staple of the Korean skincare routine. Double cleansing is a must since there is an overnight buildup of sweat, oil, and dirt from your pillow that needs to be cleaned properly in the morning. When you double-cleanse,  start with an oil-based cleanser and massage it into dry skin. Rinse and follow with a water-based cleanser.

Step two: stress

A toner is a divisive step in the skincare world,  but an important step in the Korean skincare routine. This helps balance your skin’s pH and helps all subsequent products absorb better.

Step 3: Serum

This step is optional,  but it adds a layer of hydration and leaves skin plump. “Proper hydration in the morning results in less sebum production throughout the day, as your skin tends to overproduce oil if t is extremely dry. Serums are a must. Plus,  many varieties come packed with nourishing actives to treat your skin while Moisturizing it.

Step 4: Moisturizer

Chances are this step is already in your morning skincare routine so you won’t feel the need to add anything extra. This step is to close everything. The right moisturizer won’t leave your skin greasy or sticky – instead, you should feel like there’s a  protective barrier on your skin that allows for being Hutter SPF and makeup use.

Step Five: SPF

There is no point in using all of these steps if you are not properly protecting your skin from damage throughout the day. Yes, you need to put it on every day. Even if it is in the winter. Apply sunscreen. 

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