5 Mysterious Reasons Your Skin May Be Filled With Pimples

One of the most annoying things in skin matters, especially in the summer, is blackheads. Despite your skin care and protection as much as possible, you may find these black dots accumulate on your skin in a disgusting way, so how can you overcome this problem?
To overcome this problem, Madam Net advises you first to identify the causes of blackheads, knowing the cause will be the beginning of treatment, and then you can follow some simple methods to protect your skin from the appearance of annoying pimples and their accumulation again.
Here are some of the mysterious reasons behind the appearance of pimples:

1. Excessive cleaning of the skin: Cleaning the skin is important to get rid of dirt and makeup residues accumulated on the skin, but excessive cleaning of the face strips the skin of its natural oils, which leads to dryness and irritation of the skin, and the appearance of pimples.

2. Closing the pores: There are some commercial skin care products, which work to block the pores, for example: comedogenic substance works to block the pores, so replace it with products that are free of this ingredient.

3. Make-up brushes: When you neglect to clean your makeup brushes and use them several times, this will lead to the accumulation of bacteria on the brush, and transfer it to your face, which leads to the appearance of pimples and pimples, so make sure that your makeup brushes are well cleaned.

4. Sleep: Not getting enough sleep may raise the levels of the hormone cortisol, which in turn leads to the appearance of pimples and pimples on your skin, so make sure to get enough sleep daily.

5. Diet: Changing your diet to lose weight may affect your skin and accumulate pimples, and you should choose healthy diets to improve the condition of your skin. When you eat healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, poultry and fish while drinking a lot of water, this will appear on your skin, and avoid you appearance of grains.

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