5 Important Tips to Make Your Diet Much More Effective

Sometimes, no matter how willing we are and how regularly we practice our diet, we cannot achieve a positive result. The things that cause this can be mistakes we make without realizing it. Nutritionist Daniel Thomas shares 5 important reasons why your diet is not effective.


1. Give importance to your psychology


According to Daniel Thomas, dieters love to follow recent scientific data, but they overlook the importance of psychology when it comes to health. The nutritionist states that this results in weight gain at 10 ’ 9 times in the future. This is why psychology makes the difference to a long-term healthy lifestyle. In order to do so, instead of controlling yourself before you eat, it suggests that you adopt healthier new habits.


2. Do not increase the will too much


According to Thomas, success or failure in diet results is directly proportional to pleasure received. “Often when doing sports or dieting, it is emphasized that people can achieve this only with will. But while willpower has huge benefits, this is not a mood you can sustain throughout your life. Instead, you should eat the food you want and do the physical activities with pleasure”. This is a really great suggestion, because it is so annoying to constantly diet!


3. Look at enjoying it


According to Thomas, it’s easy to explain habituation, but it’s a bit challenging to practice. For this, he says, don’t start with the things you’re “zorunlu”; “Leave aside the consideration of your choices and the criticism of yourself. Because it makes everything much more difficult. Instead, try to adopt one or two healthy habits that you can enjoy. It doesn’t matter what they are at first, you can add a new one to these habits over time. Every habit is a trigger, a routine and a reward”.


4. Try to take lessons


The mindset you have when you are habit forming is very critical. Because everyone’s unique and personal preferences can change accordingly. Thomas suggests that if you’re a perfectionist and you’re constantly arguing with yourself, or breaking down when things don’t go the way you want them to, then you’ll get a more solid perspective. The most effective way to do this is to understand the importance of adopting long-term habits for good health in the long term. Even though the diet you did fails, what worked, what didn’t work, says it’s very beneficial to make inferences like what to do differently next.


5. Get a few healthy habits


According to nutritionist Thomas ida, what works for someone else may not work for you. That is why it is our ideal weight and the importance of acquiring 8-10 habits to achieve our health. Among them, eating vegetables, taking at least 10 thousand steps a day, training, getting regular sleep, eating with chewing and awareness, eating breakfast, eating processed foods (sugar, sugar, like flour) minimizing consumption is involved.

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