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5 French steps..for flawless skin

5 French steps..for flawless skin



France is a place that exudes beauty in all its forms, and we cannot deny the flawless skin of a French woman, which is due to the commitment to a special grooming routine.


We’re here to help you embark on your journey to perfect skin with some French skin care steps.


French skin care tips:


Less is more


If you want to do it the French way, stick with this approach. French skincare isn’t as aggressive as an American or Korean skincare routine. French women like to embrace blemishes and keep their skin natural while taking care of it.


The typical French skincare routine is simple and minimalistic—they don’t overdo it, and don’t tweak it too much, given that the French beauty routine accepts imperfections and prioritizes long-term results over quick delight.


3 basic steps


For the inexperienced, the skincare routine basically includes 3 steps: cleanser, toner and moisturizer in global order, while French women follow this old rule, they do it a little differently.


French women usually rely on the basic formula and type of product they usually like, rather than strong gel cleansers, and prefer light and moisturizing formulas, they pamper their skin as gently as a baby’s skin.


5 steps of French skin care:


Step 1: Micellar water to remove make-up


Using micellar water to remove pre-applied make-up or sunscreen is the first step in French skin care. Micellar is a product that contains purified water, a surfactant, and a variety of emollients such as glycerin. It works as a gentle cleanser and easily removes everything from makeup to dirt, and it’s also alcohol-free, great for those with sensitive skin.


Step 2: Milk-based cleanser


Milk cleanser helps break down stubborn dirt particles, making them easier to remove. A mild milk cleanser is recommended for women with dry or sensitive skin.


Step 3: Toner


After cleansing, the toner comes to calm the skin, and it is recommended to use types that contain soothing ingredients such as aloe vera or rose water, after that you can use the vitamin C-rich day serum to treat problems such as dullness, age spots and pigmentation.


Step 4: Moisturize


The daytime moisturizers are lighter than the nightly ones, and contain some amount of SPF. The nighttime routine is similar to the daytime routine, but the serum changes to a specific nighttime variant like retinol followed by a well-moisturizing night repair cream.





Step 5: Sunscreen


Sunscreen is one investment that goes a long way when it comes to skin care. It protects against harmful UV rays that can put your skin at risk of cancer and is a staple of a true French girl skin care routine.

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