5 effective ingredients for removing rust from pots and pans

There are several effective steps in cleaning rust , which deforms the appearance of pots and pans, using the following five ingredients.

Effective ingredients for removing rust from pots and pans

The mixture of salt and lemon is effective in removing rust from pots and pans

1. Baking soda: Rinse the pots, using water, and then cover with baking soda powder, which is sprinkled on rusty areas, for an hour or more. Scrub the pots with a dishwashing sponge, rinse and dry. Note that the mentioned steps are effective in obtaining the best results.

2. Vinegar: Wipe clean and rusty pots with a towel dampened with a mixture of two equal quantities of water and vinegar, with repeated scrubbing, for a few minutes. Then, clean the pots with water and dishwashing liquid, and dry them with a towel.
3. Salt: Salt contributes to scraping rust easily, so it is sprinkled on the rusty areas with plenty of salt, while rubbing it. Repeat the steps, using more salt, until the rust is completely gone.

4. Lemon juice: Fresh lemons contain compounds that help clean rusty pots and pans; In this context, the affected areas are rubbed with lemon juice or a mixture of lemon and salt, and the juice (or mixture) is deposited on the rust for two hours. Scrub the area well, using a soft-bristled brush afterwards.

Potato peels get rid of rust that tarnishes pots and pans

5. Potato peels: Potato peels contain a high percentage of oxalic acid, which permanently gets rid of rust from pots and pans.

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