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5 easy steps to better health

Whether our goal is to lower blood pressure, manage symptoms of diabetes, lose weight or simply enjoy better health as we age; There are 5 simple steps that if we follow, we can achieve these goals. So what are these steps?


smoking cessation, healthy eating and weight loss; All are things that many who want to maintain their health aspire to do, but the strength of determination and discipline required to achieve this often constitutes an obstacle to many.


However, health experts recommend starting with small changes to our lifestyle that will have a major impact on our health.


Dr. Stephen Koepke, a cardiologist in the United States, recommends step-by-step changes to our lifestyle in a way that is similar to learning a musical instrument or training a young child in math, and recommends 5 tips for better health.


Whether the goal is to lower blood pressure, manage symptoms of diabetes, lose weight, or simply enjoy better health despite age; Small changes can make a big difference.


5 steps


Doctor Koepke summarized 5 steps that will help you feel healthy, according to what was stated on the German “Helppraxis” website:


Every day one less bite of unhealthy food


If you want to eat healthy, start with just one bite a day. For example, when you eat pizza, leave the last part of it aside and eat a spoonful of salad instead. Or add to your breakfast one piece of apple.


Reducing the amount of food


You shouldn’t give up on the foods you love, but you should probably think about the amount. You can eat everything you like, but not a lot of everything.


Stand every hour


There are two parts to being physically active: moving more and sitting less. When your lifestyle depends a lot on sitting – which is the case for most people – you have to get up every hour to move your body in the way that you enjoy.


10 minutes of interval training


Don’t have long time for workouts? decent. Interval training is a very effective form of training. It consists of short 30-second periods of high-intensity activity with rest periods. For example, switch from walking to jogging or cycling up a hill while enjoying a nature excursion.


forgive yourself


It is important to forgive yourself when you don’t stick to your own rules. Say to yourself, “It’s okay.” Like anything else, positive self-talk takes practice, but in the end, when you become kinder to yourself, you feel better.


These steps, which seem simple, may help improve health, and if you are used to these procedures, there is nothing wrong with increasing their frequency

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