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4 types of tea to lose weight and expel toxins

4 types of tea to lose weight and expel toxins






It is known that the number one obsession for women is losing weight! Do you want to lose some extra kilos but don’t know an easy way to achieve it?



Then try drinking different types of slimming tea, which has become very popular among women. Through the great enthusiasm that accompanied their launch on the Internet, these formulations have become the new magic potions for slimming and for perfect skin, because they also rid your body of toxins.



This tea is taken as a treatment for 14 or 28 days, in addition to a balanced diet and regular physical activity.



In this topic, we suggest that you, Madam, discover 4 different combinations of this detoxifying and detoxifying tea, with its components mentioned in detail so that you can choose what suits you, so follow us!


Tiny tea


If you are not familiar with this tea yet, it is a mixture of Asian herbs such as oolong tea, cassia seed, and hawthorn fruit. This tea can be the perfect natural solution to get rid of those extra kilos, it was specially made to cleanse the digestive system, reduce bloating, and help the body lose weight easily.


Skinny detox tea


This tea is ideal for relaxation, restoring the luster and freshness of the skin, and losing weight at the same time, you can find two types, the first for the morning and the second for the evening.



Morning tea consists of: Sencha green tea, lemon, raspberry, dandelion, ginger root, nettle leaf, and others. As for the evening tea, it consists of: sage tea, citronella leaves, hibiscus flowers, mint leaves, green oat leaves, and cornflower.


Antiox Tea


This tea is specially made for women who want to cleanse and maintain the purity of their body and at the same time, want to have bright and flawless skin. This formula, which is mainly based on green tea and lemon, is designed to fight the harmful cells in the body responsible for premature aging and cell oxidation.


Bio detox tea


This tea is for women who want to maintain a stable weight and tone their body. Drinking this composition on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up, rids you of all the toxins accumulated in the body. Its components are known for their purifying properties. This tea is made from: digestive stimulating lemon, antioxidant green and white tea, and detoxifying nettle.

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