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3 natural oils to thicken your eyebrows in a week

Eyebrows are the thing that defines our face undoubtedly, and thick and natural eyebrows have returned to fashion again some time ago, and they are one of the most beautiful trends that we recommend to follow.

Back in the early twenties and late ’90s, the trend of ultra-thin brows was barely there, causing many of us to over-pluck, sew and wax them until they’re barely visible, and follow the trend, which makes it very difficult for many of us to join the bandwagon now. No eyebrow pencil or gel to do the trick, but want to get your original, gorgeous eyebrows back? Here’s the solution!

Your best bet, according to most dermatologists, is cold-pressed oils.

The three essential oils that promote hair growth are castor oil, vitamin E, and argan oil.

All you have to do is mix equal amounts of these oils together and store them in a clean glass container away from sunlight.

Every night, before going to bed, using a cotton bud or even your finger, apply the oil to your eyebrows, and use a spare sheet to cover your pillow so the oil doesn’t transfer to it.

To get long eyelashes, you can put a few on your eyelashes as well and then massage both the eyebrows and eyelashes, where you want new and thick hair to grow.


While many ready-made formulas and serums promise to do the same thing, nothing works better than natural ingredients. Those with rapid hair growth will see results within a week while those with finer and thinner hair may see visible results within two weeks or a month.

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