3 Major mistakes you make when buying and storing nuts

There are some things to look out for when buying and storing to get a lot more vitality and flavor than your favorite healthy snacks.

We know that nuts are incredibly good for you. It is an excellent source of antioxidants and fiber, contains plenty of nutrient-dense monounsaturated fats, and has been shown to reduce cholesterol, inflammation, and your risk of heart disease.


Mistake 1: Shopping in Bulk Boxes


The biggest mistake is to shop from wholesale boxes in the grocery store. It is almost impossible to tell how often the shop changes these nuts or how long they wait outdoors. According to Steve Lindsay, Quality Assurance Director of Diamond Nuts, oxygen is the number one enemy of the shelf life of nuts. Those who sit in bulk silos are constantly exposed to oxygen, which compromises their freshness and speeds up the process of stinking. Your best option for finding fresh nuts is to buy those that are sealed in a bag that will provide freshness and prevent oxygen from escaping.


One last word about bulk trash cans: As you probably noticed when shopping, some people put their bare hands directly into the trash to have a snack. This causes the content to be exposed to a large number of external microbes and bacteria. I’m just saying.


Mistake 2: Keeping These in the Cellar


Contrary to popular belief, nuts should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Why? Because nuts contain high amounts of unsaturated fat, they are a sensitive type of fat, which makes them highly susceptible to stinking. Light, oxygen, and heat, as you can imagine, further accelerate the deterioration. Storing peanuts in ( and seeds in the ) fridge or freezer limits their exposure to all three, and ensures your nuts have less pain and a more palatable taste for longer.


According to Lindsay, an unopened sachet of shelled or shelled nuts in the refrigerator or freezer for two years (!) you can hide. Even if the bag is opened, the nuts should last for a year and the nuts should last for about a year and a half




Now good information about nuts


as we have learned, read on to learn about some of the (beklenmed) mistakes that most of us make when buying and storing nuts. Give up these harmful habits, we promise that your nuts will stay fresh longer.


If you are going to use your nuts in the near future, it is okay to store them in a cool, dark place in your pantry. Make sure they are in an airtight container and plan to eat within a few weeks.


Mistake 3: Paying Too Much Attention to Expiration Date


Expiry dates are problematic for many reasons; these are primarily problematic because they are only suggestions or estimates, rather than exact and quick deadlines for edibility. The shelf life of nuts depends on three main factors: storage conditions, shelled or shellless, and whether the package should be opened or not.


It is a good rule of thumb to think of nuts not as a packaged product, but as a product. Just like fresh spinach or ripe tomatoes, smell them before eating. As the nuts age, the bitterness will give them a paint-like smell. If you get harsh or bitter aromas, discard them. To extend its shelf life even further, Diamond of California adds a bit of rosemary extract to its products. You can also add this natural ingredient to help protect your nuts.