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3 ingredients that you avoid using on the skin - Care Beauty

3 ingredients that you avoid using on the skin


Many girls today seek to experiment with many natural ingredients to care for their skin, in an attempt to achieve perfect and flawless skin.

With the spread of many beauty influencers on social media, and the increase in the number of followers for them, followers try to imitate them or try the recipes that they publish through clips and posts on their personal pages.

But have you ever wondered if these ingredients are good for your skin? Or may it cause allergies to it?

Here are some ingredients that you should avoid using on your skin:


Despite its multiple benefits for human health, it may be ineffective for the health of the skin, and it may cause rashes and allergies because it contains the histamine compound that causes sensitivity and irritation to the skin, and it may lead to itching around the lips or eyebrows.


Many mixtures are spread today that contain lemon to whiten the skin, or get rid of pigmentation, as some may use lemon to get rid of acne, which is wrong as its use leads to bleeding or a rash.

Also, lemon is not suitable for people with dry skin, and its use may increase the proportion of dryness, and it may also help to increase the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight.

the strawberry

Like other types of foods, strawberries may cause allergies to some people, and among the symptoms of strawberry allergy: swelling of the lips, or the appearance of grains, or a rash.

Therefore, it is always recommended to experiment with any mixtures by placing a very small amount on the skin and in an inconspicuous place to ensure that your skin is not sensitive to any component.