How to train your brain to stop worrying


When it comes to our mental health, feeling anxious is an evil that we must get rid of, some believe that anxiety  is just a bad habit that we can get rid of by practice, and others believe that anxiety leads to a goal as it helps us learn from past mistakes and civilize to avoid such mistakes in The future, whether feeling anxious is a good thing or a bad thing, anxiety takes over our mind when we focus on the future that we can’t control.



Frustration is focusing on past events that we wish to change and anxiety is focusing on future events that we cannot control. But most importantly, instead of worrying, you can choose to prepare for any event that worries you, and in this article we will discuss several effective ways to be able to train your mind to Stop worrying 

  • Stop your mind from worrying by writing down what worries you:

One of the useful ways to train your brain to stop worrying is to write down what worries you and keeps you awake on paper. Also, writing what you think is a way to alert your mind as if you were telling it that this is a very important matter, so we write it and your mind is now free to think about solving the problem instead of worrying.

  • Practicing meditation for a worry-free mind

Meditation may help your brain stop worrying. Researchers in the Journal of Psychiatry have studied the effect of meditation and found that meditation reduces cognitive anxiety.

Although many people think that they do not have time to meditate, meditation is very easy. Close your eyes for 30 seconds or more. By blocking any sources of stress, you are training your brain to stop worrying.

When you take a little time to banish any unnatural noises from your life, you focus on what is important to you; You may feel anxious during the process of meditation and this is a normal thing, and professionals in the art of training the mind are advised to watch those disturbing thoughts as they enter the mind and watch them come out of it like a cloud on a fresh day.

  • Exercising to train your mind and body to stop worrying:

Anxiety is how your brain learns to survive to decide whether to fight or run. If a tiger attacks you, you will immediately feel a surge of adrenaline and the fear response is the same as what happens to your body when you worry, but on a lower level and over a longer period of time.

In the same study published in the Journal of Psychiatry, it was found that exercising is good for you, especially when your body feels symptoms of anxiety.

If your body feels low symptoms of stress, your mind will translate this as there is not much to worry about because the body is not in a very excited state.

Exercising gives your body another reason to accelerate anxiety and breathing, which we may feel when anxious.

Exercising helps lower blood pressure, which is another physical symptom of stress in the body; If you feel anxious, go for a walk for 5 to 10 minutes outside and contemplate the landscape, focusing on the movement of your limbs and your breathing.