Treat insomnia via conditioner for the brain

US researchers said that people who suffer from insomnia may be able to find a cure for this condition by applying a blanket that cools the brain during sleep.

And the American “Science Daily” website quoted researchers at the University of “Pittsburgh” that the decrease in the level of metabolism in the front part of the brain occurs during sleep, and it is associated with refreshing sleep, while insomnia is linked to an increase in metabolism in this part of the brain.

Scientists found that one of the ways to reduce cerebral metabolic activity is to cool the brain.

“The most remarkable thing about this study is that we can find a beneficial effect on patients with insomnia through a safe, non-drug mechanism that can be available for home use,” said the researcher in charge of the study, Eric Novzinger.





“We think this will have far-reaching implications for how insomnia is treated in the future,” he added.

He stated that the drug treatment for insomnia was the only prescription for a long time, but only 25 percent of patients express satisfaction with it, pointing to its side effects and the possibility of patients continuing to depend on these pills to sleep at night.