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The appearance of red spots on the tongue, what does it indicate?

The tongue indicates the health and safety of the body, its recovery, and its freedom from diseases. First, we know that the tongue is a muscular organ consisting of two different parts.

The oral part, the front two-thirds start from the floor of the mouth, and the back third is the front wall of the pharynx, called the root or pharyngeal part.

As for the back, The tongue is covered by a membrane of epithelial tissue. The tongue is connected to two epithelial membranes, the front of which is the frenulum of the tongue. It is connected to the floor of the mouth and separates the two ducts of the maxillary glands. The back is called the lingual extension.

It connects the tongue to the epiglottis and supplies the arterial tongue. As for the functions of the tongue, they are many, such as chewing, swallowing, and The outputs of letters, speech, and taste.

Therefore, any change that occurs in the tongue is of great importance in diagnosing various diseases. There are a number of signs that appear on the tongue that indicate the presence of a health problem.
The tongue is a multi-tasking symptom, and examining the tongue by color indicates the patient’s physical condition.

In cases of swelling and inflammation of the tongue, it indicates a deficiency in vitamin B. However, in cases of swelling of the tongue, it indicates the presence of an imbalance and deficiency in the thyroid gland.

As for tongue ulcers, they indicate the presence of internal ulcers, such as Stomach ulcers, and the natural color of the tongue is pink, while the purple color indicates a serious condition, high temperature, and hyperactivity of the glands, while the red color indicates a high temperature.
What do red spots on the tongue mean:


The presence of red spots on the tongue is called migratory glossitis, or what is known as geographic tongue, due to a fungal infection that comes as a result of psychological anxiety or due to low levels of vitamin B. It is not painful, as many patients do not know about its presence due to the lack of pain. In some cases, red spots appear due to Food allergies and burning sensations, and eating spicy foods, spices, and citrus fruits. You can use toothpaste or some antifungal analgesic ointments after consulting your doctor for sure.
There is what is known as oral herpes due to oral sex, which causes a number of sores and red spots on the front part of the tongue and on the roof of the tongue, throat, and gums. The lesions appear clear, colored or yellow, and are blisters.

This condition indicates serious complications, so you must go to the doctor in The condition before it develops and enters the rest of the body.
Oral cancer is a type of cancer that affects the tongue, gums, and neck. It consists of white plaques inside the mouth, gums, and inside of the cheeks. There are some diseases that indicate the presence of red spots on the tongue, such as syphilis, AIDS, kidney failure, lupus, and other diseases.

Immunodeficiency and oral disorders due to medications and hot spices, or due to the development of large protrusions in the upper jaw, oral ulcers, bacterial and fungal ulcers, and diseases resulting from malnutrition.


Tongue care methods:


Paying attention to oral hygiene by using cleansing rinse at least once a day. Paying attention to brushing the teeth and tongue three times a day. Taking care not to eat spices and hot spices. Examining the tongue to ensure that it is free of any red or white spots. Paying attention to the stomach because any injury to it It also affects the tongue. Wait until the food cools down and do not eat it hot so as not to cause tongue burns