Abdominoplasty and fat removal.. makes you younger


It is preferable to perform it after childbearing is complete, provided that the patient’s weight is within reason. It is usually performed under general anesthesia, and it is done with a wound in the lower abdomen, the length of which depends on the amount of sagging skin in the middle and sides, and in some cases it may extend to the waist or even the middle of the back. As with other plastic surgeries, there is swelling and numbness in the abdomen that may extend to 3 months, after which the patient begins to notice the results of the operation. As for complications, they generally depend on the patient’s general health, weight gain, and his cooperation after the operation.


Fat removal

Unfortunately, it is believed that removing fat is a way to lose weight, but the beneficiaries of this process are those who try to reach the ideal weight, but find that there are some parts of their body that do not lose fat easily, due to the accumulation of fat cells more than their normal rates, in this case it is possible to remove This amount is by suction. The operation is carried out either with local anesthesia if the amount is small, or with general anesthesia, and it depends on the amount removed. You can leave the hospital on the same day or after an overnight stay