Benefits and harms of skin whitening needles

Recently, non-surgical cosmetic treatments for hyperpigmentation problems and melasma have spread, including restoring youthful skin. Perhaps the most prominent of these is bleaching needles, which are a good alternative to creams used to whiten the skin. What are the benefits and harms of  skin whitening needles?! Find out below:

Benefits and harms of bleaching needles

Bleaching needles are a non-surgical cosmetic treatment to lighten skin color

Usually, bleaching needles are used in many medical or cosmetic centers as a way to whiten the skin , get rid of pigmentation, spots, redness and blemishes, as well as restore skin health by injecting them into the skin.

Benefits of skin whitening needles

Bleaching needles help treat hyperpigmentation and lighten skin tone

Bleaching needles have effective properties that help lighten skin tone. Because it contains glutathione. These needles impede the production of melanin, which increases the blackening and darkening of the skin, and its most important benefits are: skin.

Enhances the freshness of the skin and improves its texture.

It unifies skin tone and is an effective treatment in reducing hyperpigmentation and acne scars.

It helps fight the effect of harmful free radicals on the skin, which causes hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Thus, making the skin healthy and fresh in the long run.

It combats premature skin aging  due to its ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

It removes dark spots, dark circles under the eyes and treats wrinkles around them.


Disadvantages of bleaching needles

Bleaching needles used to lighten skin are considered safe treatments

Bleaching needles used to lighten the skin are considered safe treatments, and they do not cause collateral damage as long as they are used in appropriate doses and in correct ways, but when these injections are misused or high doses are used, some side effects appear, and they are as follows: Feeling of pain, bruising and swelling at the injection site.

Feeling of nausea, headache and mild diarrhea.

Stopping the production of melanin in the skin, which works to protect the skin and skin from harmful radiation and protect it from skin diseases, especially those with white skin.

The effect of the bleaching needles may extend to lighten the hair of the head and eyelashes.

The natural color of the skin returns as soon as you stop using the bleaching needles.

Bleach needles may cause a minor rash or a more serious reaction.

Some people may feel severe abdominal pain, especially people who receive treatment twice a week.

Not sterilizing bleaching needles or reusing them from person to person, may allow bacteria and viruses to enter the blood directly, and this results in blood infections.

Some people may experience kidney dysfunction and possibly kidney failure. Bleach needles can cause liver dysfunction.

Using unreliable and unapproved brands may cause many risks and side effects.

A note : Before applying this recipe or this treatment, consult a specialist doctor.