Kojic acid for hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation  may seem like an additional cause of your stress, but fortunately, there are ingredients that can help you treat it, such as kojic acid, a star acid that helps fade and prevent hyperpigmentation. Read on for more information on all things kojic acid so that you can feel more confident in your fight against hyperpigmentation.

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What exactly is kojic acid?
Kojic acid is made from several different fungi, it is a by-product of certain types of mushrooms and fermented foods. Kojic acid inhibits tyrosinase, an enzyme that forms melanin.
In beauty products, kojic acid acts as a lightening agent. Since kojic acid inhibits tyrosinase, it can be used to lighten unwanted hyperpigmentation.
What are the benefits of kojic acid?
Aside from helping to treat hyperpigmentation, there are plenty of other benefits of kojic acid. The pure form of the acid can be combined with other serums and moisturizers to increase its absorption into the skin. It can be used to lighten visible age spots, sun damage and some scars. It can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles  and bags under the eyes.
Who is best suited to use kojic acid?
Anyone can use kojic acid, and it is safe for all skin tones. Kojic acid is best for people with hyperpigmentation or melasma.
If you have very sensitive skin, using kojic acid can lead to skin irritation and rashes. You should also avoid kojic acid if you are pregnant.
How do you use it?
If you want to mix kojic acid into your skincare routine, it’s best to find a product that’s saturated with kojic acid, as it is too strong to use on its own. You can combine it with other skincare products, so it’s easy to add to your routine. Depending on the concentration of your kojic acid product, it should be used once to twice daily in your skincare routine