Top 3 habits to ensure a healthy weight for life

A healthy balanced diet is the key; To maintain a moderate weight away from obesity , which is a major cause of chronic diseases.
Are you looking for a healthy diet that matches your ambition to have an ideal diet and a disease-resistant body? Take a look at what nutritionist Corey Roth has to say, according to Eat This, Not That.

At first, Roth explains, “the biggest problem with a lot of modern diets right now is that they’re incredibly restrictive.” You can lose 10 pounds in two weeks by neglecting all the carbs, but the moment you turn to a slice of bread, All that weight you lost will come back to you.”
Corey Roth stresses that weight loss must be sustainable over time and must come in the form of long-term healthy habits, noting that losing weight at a slow pace will help avoid it now and forever.

3 rules for achieving a healthy weight for life

Calorie counting is essential

To achieve long-term results, Roth recommends these three principles; To maintain a sustainable healthy weight:

1- Calorie counting

When it comes to food intake, knowing how many calories you need to eat consistently is very important. In order to maintain your weight loss, through many smart applications, including “My Fitness Pal”.

2- Eating at home

Enjoying a meal in a restaurant can be a nice way to pamper yourself, however, it may not be something you want to do often if you want to lose extra pounds, because when you eat out, the body is supplied with more calories, fat and sugar; So the majority of your meals and snacks should come from your kitchen to control the ingredients.

3- Divide the plate

A very easy method aimed at dividing your plate well for better weight control. So, fill half of your plate with vegetables that are low in starch, a quarter of protein, and a small portion of carbohydrates, to achieve positive results every day.

The best healthy diet

A healthy and balanced diet can be obtained by following the following dietary habits, according to the “Web of Medicine” website:

– Reducing the intake of sugary foods

It is preferable to reduce the intake of sweets, cakes, sweets and sugary drinks, and replace yogurt, fruits or nuts with them, such as: walnuts, hazelnuts, and unsalted almonds.
It is also recommended to consume drinks and juices without sugar.

Reduce processed foods

A healthy diet should be free of sausages, cakes, biscuits, burgers, and fast foods; These foods contain high levels of fats and salts that have a negative impact on health.

– Reducing salt

Foods that contain large amounts of salt may cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure often comes without obvious symptoms, but it can lead to a heart attack or stroke.
High blood pressure is a serious health problem for every person, so you should avoid adding large amounts of salt to food.

– Avoid saturated fats

For a healthy diet, you should avoid eating saturated fats, which are found in butter, ghee, whole milk and other dairy products, and fatty and processed meats, such as: kebabs, sausages, coconut, palm oil, biscuits, pastries, and cakes.
Eating more saturated fat may increase blood cholesterol levels, which is a risk factor for heart disease.

– Avoid fried foods

Contains fried foods in abundant oil or ghee, such as samosas; They are high in fat, and this can lead to weight gain, an increased risk of diabetes, and other health problems.
It is recommended to replace roasting or boiling foods, or grilling instead of frying.

Note : Before applying this recipe or this treatment, consult a specialist doctor.