Secrets that will impress you to ease the pain of removing excess hair

Excess hair removal is a problem that all women suffer from, because of the pain that accompanies it, but today we are in the Woman Magazine, we will show you secrets that you follow to significantly reduce the pain of hair removal.


First: Never do hair removal in the morning, as the level of pain is at its highest


Before determining the time of hair removal, take advantage of our notes:


1. Take an aspirin 45 minutes before your appointment





This is a great strategy for reducing pain, not only because it works as well as over-the-counter pain relievers like aspirin, but because it has anti-inflammatory properties.


2. Do not set a date for hair removal immediately after the menstrual cycle.


During your period your skin will be more sensitive, so try to schedule the appointment at least three days before your period. And do not think about it during the days of the cycle, because the pain will be at its highest level.


3. Avoid wearing tight clothes or exercising.


Nothing can cause pain like the appearance of pimples in places that have been exposed to hair removal. Therefore, extreme caution must be taken during the 48 hours after hair removal, because the skin will be in the most sensitive state, and any tight clothing can increase sweating and bacteria, and thus pimples and infections. Tight clothes such as tight pants can also cause hair to enter the skin and grow in reverse.


4. Beware of pollution


We do not say that you will go to use public bathrooms, but immediately after the hair removal process, it is preferable that you do not use any public bathrooms or seats. Because the chances of inflammation Ultra .


5. Set the time for hair removal between 3-5 pm


The level of pain is at its highest in the morning

Magic mixture to remove blackheads

In the Women’s Magazine, we offer you a mask that helps purify pores, remove blackheads, prevent the appearance of melasma and pimples, and restore skin turnover. Watch the details and share your opinion with us…


the components :-


2 tablespoons of hazelnut


2 tablespoons of rosemary


2 tablespoons of honey


1 tablespoon of rose water









1. Grind the hazelnuts and mix them with honey, rosemary and rose water


2. Then it is applied to the skin and left for half an hour.


3. Then rinse with water, dry and use this scrub twice a month 3




For those with pimple skin:


2 carrots, grated very fine


egg white


The method The contents are placed in the blender until it becomes a paste. It is distributed on the face and on the area of ​​pimples. It is left for half an hour and the face is rinsed with water.

Magical energy drink for couples

To ensure the success of the intimate relationship and its continuation for a long time without feeling tired and exhausted daily, Madam, you must prepare a magical energy drink for couples.


My dear, there are some drinks that you can prepare and drink before intimacy, which greatly enhance the desire for both parties, and the most important of these drinks are:


1) Carrot and orange juice


the components

two carrots

A big cup of orange

a spoonful of honey (to taste)


2) Method of preparation


Dear, boil the two carrots in boiling water, then put the carrots in the electric blender and add the orange and a spoonful of honey.





Bring two glasses, put ice cubes, then pour juice, and you and your husband eat it.


3) The benefits of carrot and orange juice


Effective in treating some problems in couples, especially sexual ones, such as impotence and erectile dysfunction.


The magic energy drink for couples improves the sexual desire of both women and men.


Carrot and orange juice also helps in treating menstrual irregularities in women.


– Improve the work of blood circulation.


Carrot and orange juice contribute to the expansion of blood vessels.


– Reducing tension in the blood vessels and arteries and increasing blood flow, which reflects positively on the intimate relationship between spouses.