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September 6, 2023 admin

How Does Redness After Waxing Go?

Wax is an adhesive personal care product used to remove unwanted hair on the body.

It is an effective solution against unwanted hair and helps to remove hair from the root.

After waxing, you can get a smooth appearance for about 3-4 weeks. However, sometimes during the waxing process, conditions such as redness and sensitivity can be seen on the skin. If waxing irritated your skin, you can find out tips to soothe your skin by researching redness methods after waxing . In this article, you can find some applications that you can do for redness after waxing .


What Not to Do After Waxing?


Some wrong applications after waxing can cause skin irritation and may cause redness. Things not to do after waxing are as follows:


Especially after waxing the underarm area, it is necessary to take a break from the use of cosmetic products such as body perfume and deodorant for at least one day and be careful in this regard.

After waxing, one should avoid taking a bath with extremely hot water.

Activities with high water temperature such as sauna and steam bath should also be avoided.

Because steam can cause more stretching and drying of open clay roots.It is necessary to wait at least 1 day to enter the sea, the pool and sunbathe after the waxing process, especially in the summer season.

You should also be careful not to sunbathe without applying sunscreen the day after the procedure.Sweat irritates the waxing area due to its salty content. After a while, you can take care not to make any movements that will cause you to sweat after waxing your hair.After waxing, you should not wear very tight clothes and clothes made of airtight fabrics, instead you should prefer loose and comfortable clothes.


If you have complaints such as itching in the legs , you can get information about the subject by reading our content

How Does Redness After Waxing Go?


Redness is known as a reaction of the skin and skin vessels to an effect. Hot and suppressive treatments applied to the skin, such as waxing, can cause skin irritation and then redness. This may vary according to skin type and color. For example, the redness experienced after waxing is seen more clearly in people with sensitive skin and white skin.


However, if there is no burning-like condition on the skin due to applying the wax too hot, and if there is a redness due to hair removal, this will pass in a short time.


The quality of the wax used and the type of wax are important to prevent redness after waxing. You can moisturize your skin for redness after waxing and use care oils that will be suitable for post-waxing.


How is Post-Wax Care Done?


After waxing, which causes problems such as irritation and redness, especially in sensitive skin, you can apply some care applications to relax the skin and continue them for a few days. The applications you can do after the network are as follows:


Aloe vera gel, coconut or almond oil are very effective for soothing the skin. These products with natural ingredients can be easily preferred after waxing.

Types of post-waxing redness creams with antiseptic content help to minimize the irritation on the skin. Do not neglect to consult your doctor before the application.

Applying ice to the skin is beneficial for post-wax irritation. You can apply cold compresses to your skin with pieces of ice wrapped in a clean cloth and reduce the appearance of redness.

If you have a redness problem after waxing, mix some cold water, milk and ice and dip a clean cloth into this mixture and then put the cloth on your skin.

Compress your skin at regular intervals.You can try applying cold milk to your swollen and itchy skin after waxing.

You can gently rub the milk mixed with cold water on the area you waxed with the help of a clean cloth.


What is done to prevent acne from appearing in the waxed area?


After waxing, acne may appear on the skin.

For this, you can apply cold to your skin with ice. In addition, gels containing aloe vera in oil-free form can be used to soothe the area.

In addition to natural oils that calm the skin, you can prepare cucumber puree at home and apply it to the areas where you remove the hair, and prevent the formation of acne after waxing.

If you are wondering how to get rid of acne redness quickly, you can take a look at our content.


With the above methods, you can prevent the problem of redness after waxing and get a smoother appearance after the procedure.






June 2, 2023 admin

Benefits of date juice

Benefits of date juice


Would you like to learn about the many and essential benefits of date juice for the human body? Atyab Tabkh provides you with the nutrients available in date juice, as well as the method of preparing it to serve it on your trip.


Benefits of date juice


How to make date juice


1- The benefits of date juice


Dates juice has many benefits, most notably:


Promoting the health of the nervous system: Dates are rich in vitamin B, which plays an important role in promoting the health of the nervous system. It facilitates the process of childbirth. Dates also have many benefits for the fetus, but be careful, drink date juice in moderate quantities so as not to get diabetes during pregnancy. Prevention of heart diseases: Drinking date juice helps to reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood and thus prevent some heart diseases, and the potassium available in dates It improves the health of blood vessels, which leads to a reduction in the incidence of strokes and heart attacks. Promoting the health of the digestive system: Dates are rich in fiber that helps soften the stomach and thus get rid of constipation. It also helps to get rid of gases. In addition, eating dates helps to promote good bacteria in the stomach, which helps improve digestion. Maintaining healthy bones and teeth: Drinking date juice has a role in strengthening bones and teeth because it contains important proportions of calcium and magnesium. Promoting skin health: drinking Date juice daily makes your skin more glowing.


2- How to make date juice


the components


Dates without seeds – 15 pieces of hot water – 2 cups


How to prepare:


In a bowl, put dates and water.


Leave the mixture aside for about 3 hours.


Put the mixture in the bowl of the food processor and grind the ingredients until they homogenize.


Pour the date mixture into serving cups and serve it on your trip

November 16, 2021 admin

5 amazing beauty tricks using Vaseline

Petroleum jelly, or what is known as Vaseline, is the only skin care product in every women’s beauty bag. This little jar works great on chapped lips and is known as the “miracle salve”. For many other purposes. From moisturizing the skin to removing makeup, here are its many uses:


Make-up cleaning:

Removing eye makeup is one of the most difficult tasks. And if you suffer from stubborn late-night mascara, Try this trick: put a little Vaseline on your eyes and wipe them with a cotton ball. With a few passes You will be able to remove makeup easily without hurting the area around your eyes.

For a long lasting fragrance:

In order for your perfume to last longer, rub some Vaseline on your pulse points. After that, spray your favorite precious perfume on the same places and you will notice how long your perfume will last.

Gel for your eyebrows:

Use Vaseline to hold your eyebrow hairs in place. Put a little lotion on a small brush, sweep it over your eyebrows.

Cure for cracked feet:

Summer can make your feet very cracked. Rub some Vaseline on your feet and wear socks while sleeping. This trick will give you super smooth feet the next morning.


For a luminous look when you finish your makeup. You don’t need a highlighter. All you have to do is apply this Vaseline. On the tops of your eyebrows or cheekbones and enjoy the soft glow.