Benefits of mushroom coffee

Benefits of mushroom coffee     Coffee drink in various flavors and types is a favorite drink for a very large number of people, and when drinking coffee in moderation; It provides the body with many health benefits, and there are some other types of coffee that have a greater number of health benefits and fewer side effects, including mushroom […]

The amount of bread allowed for diabetics

The amount of bread allowed for diabetics, as diabetes is one of the chronic diseases that many individuals suffer from, and it should be noted here that whoever suffers from this disease, there are many things that must be adhered to, in order to preserve it. With regard to their health, and accordingly, we find that many patients frequently search […]

A big breakfast helps you lose weight

A big breakfast helps you lose weight.. A study denies that   We have heard decades ago, often, that it is better to eat a large and calorie-rich breakfast, but a recent study came to refute this.In this article on my site, information will be covered on the subject of a large breakfast that helps you lose weight.. A study […]

Benefits of lychee fruit for pregnant women

Expert opinions differ regarding the benefits of lychee fruit for pregnant women. While some believe that there is no harm in eating lychee during pregnancy…   Lychee fruit   Lychee is a tropical fruit native to southern China, as well as India, Bangladesh, southern Taiwan and northern Vietnam. In addition to Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, lychee fruit is also […]

Natural remedies for yellowing teeth and tartar

There are many reasons for yellowing the teeth or changing their color from the natural white. Among these reasons are the following: food and drink, the most important of which is coffee, tea and soft drinks, smoking, lack of dental care and advancing age. To get rid of yellowing teeth and tartar in natural ways, follow the following instructions:   […]

Hibiscus face mask

This mask is very useful for dry skin and the skin in general, as it works on its radiance and smoothness. Follow us to learn more about the mask and share your opinion with us …   Ingredients:   1 teaspoon hibiscus   1 tablespoon of honey   plain oatmeal             Method:   The hibiscus […]

For a successful foundation

Madam, here are some tips and experiences that must be matched when buying foundation cream. Follow the details with us and share your opinion…   1. Try the foundation on under the cheekbone to match the color before you buy it.       2. Choose a foundation that completely melts into the skin without weighing it down.     […]

Tips for full and attractive lips

Who among us girls does not dream of achieving full and defined lips with an attractive color. But often these attempts fail, either because of applying too much lipstick, which leads to an exaggerated look, or too little of it, which leaves a slight unnoticeable effect. To achieve fuller lips, apply the following tips:   1. Choose a berry-colored lipstick […]