Tips to Grow Your Hair Fast

Tips to Grow Your Hair Fast       You recently had your hair cut or had to for some reason. However, considering the sultanate of long hair, you want to lengthen your hair and crown it with various knitting models. But don’t say “my hair is short” and lower the sails into the water! Because we will share with […]

Tips for full and attractive lips

Who among us girls does not dream of achieving full and defined lips with an attractive color. But often these attempts fail, either because of applying too much lipstick, which leads to an exaggerated look, or too little of it, which leaves a slight unnoticeable effect. To achieve fuller lips, apply the following tips:   1. Choose a berry-colored lipstick […]

Three sure recipes for whitening dark areas in the body

Today, dear ones, we will show you three safe, proven and proven recipes for whitening black areas and treating them very quickly with ingredients available in every home. Follow them with us and apply them, and do not forget to tell us the results.. First recipe:   Apply olive oil to the area to be whitened, and then rub it […]

recipe for lengthening eyelashes in just two days  

The perfect recipe for lengthening eyelashes in just two days   Women usually tend to choose artificial eyelashes in order to show the beauty of their thick eyelashes and be distinctive in their appearance, but this is not an ideal solution due to the problems that these eyelashes cause and lead to, so we offer you, Madam, the natural solution […]

Recipes for treating skin irritation after hair removal

Recipes for treating skin irritation after hair removal: Skin irritation treatment after hair removal is one of the important things that women do as part of skin care after using any method of hair removal, whether it is hair removal creams, razors, threads, candy, wax, or any other method. Others cause redness, irritation, or dermatitis. And irritation and the appearance […]

Balloon Exercise for Facial Muscles  

Balloon Exercices for Facial Muscles   Materials:   Balloon Preparation and application:   Inflate a balloon with your breath at least 4-5 times a day.   Do not speak for 1-2 minutes after inflating the balloon.   NOTE:   While inflating the balloon, you can inflate it as much as an apple in the first week, as much as a […]

The mighty natural Botox in lip augmentation

Here, my dear, in this article is a natural and easy-to-apply recipe to enlarge the lips and give them an exciting pink color. Try it and share it with your friends. It is a powerful and powerful recipe that makes your lips soft, moist and full in less than a week.   Ingredients: clove oil + avocado oil Method: Mix […]