To increase hair shine

There are facts regarding poetry that we must accept and deal with objectively One of the most important reasons for hair loss of shine is lack of hydration or lack of natural moisture in the hair.


Therefore, it becomes necessary to pay attention to nourishing and moisturizing the hair just as we care about nourishing and moisturizing the skin


Also, excessive use of the electric dryer at high temperatures will make the hair thirsty, so try to reduce the temperature of the dryer as much as possible.


Try holding your hair with your palms after drying to stimulate it to secrete natural fats that give it shine


If you have curly hair, avoid using the dryer completely because it will make your hair more rough and kill its shine. After you finish washing your hair with shampoo and using conditioners, put some cream on your hair to moisturize the hair and let it dry automatically.


Using a serum on the hair is a serum that makes the hair reflect light in a better way for you. Do not use it as a final touch after styling.


Do not use too much serum because it makes the hair more greasy.