The Most Natural Homemade Acne Mask Recipes

We have put together five easy and natural home acne mask recipes for you to lighten the appearance of blemishes on your skin.


Acne and acne scars among the issues that many of us are looking for solutions to. How to cover this problem with “Civilian makeup?You don’t need to search for ”. Homemade acne masks prepared with natural ingredients are one of the practical ways to alleviate the appearance of skin imperfections. So, with what ingredients can a acne mask be prepared at home? In this article, we have put together the best homemade acne masks. Let’s start reviewing!


Editor’s Recommendation: First of all, we would like to point out that if you have a pimpled face and cannot get rid of it no matter what you do, you should definitely see a dermatologist to treat acne. There is also no mask that has the effect of instantly relieving your acne by acting as a magic wand, and will give you smooth skin within 1 minute. So the solution that will save you is regular use again!


Natural acne masks made at home can cause reactions and allergies on the skin when applied uncontrollably, and can also cause the formation of different skin defects. Therefore, no home mask recipe on this page has the feature of treatment. We recommend that you use a acne cream that has been scientifically proven effective, recommended by dermatologists and specially formulated for the skin. Now that we have made our warning, we can start listing natural acne masks made at home!


1. Acne Mask at Home: Lemon Mask Recipe

The most popular option among mask recipes for acne lemon mask recipe at home we can say. Inside the lemon salicylic acid this mask, which is thought to work on acne thanks to it, can cause a skin reaction when applied uncontrollably. For your information!




1 tablespoon lemon juice


1 tablespoon of honey


1 tablespoon of yoghurt




After mixing these ingredients with each other, you can apply them to your skin with the help of a brush. If you want, you can apply them locally on acne and wait. You can clean the mask after keeping it on your skin for about 15 minutes. Lemon mask for acne is usually repeated once a week by those who apply it.


2. Home Egg White Mask Recipe for Pimples

Another of the most popular among homemade acne masks egg white mask. Egg white mask, which is frequently preferred in skin care, is thought to be good for acne. Egg white mask is also used at home to give the skin a smoother appearance.




1 egg white


1 teaspoon of lemon




After mixing these two ingredients, you can apply them to your skin. You can also add a teaspoon of honey if desired. After waiting for about 15-20 minutes, you can rinse your face. You can apply this mask once or twice a week.


3. Mask for Acne Scars: Home Yogurt Mask Recipe


Homemade acne and blackhead mask it is one of the frequently applied recipes yogurt mask. The reason why it is frequently preferred to make a yoghurt mask at home is that yoghurt is thought to have a cleansing effect on the skin and drying acne. Cucumber is preferred with its refreshing and nourishing effect. In addition, its practicality is an important factor in choosing masks made at home.




2 tablespoons of yoghurt


1 cucumber




You can chop the cucumber into small pieces and put it in the blender with the yoghurt and mix it until it reaches a mask consistency. You can also do the same process by grating the cucumber. Then you can apply this mixture to your skin without a very thick layer. You can rinse your face after waiting for it to dry for about 20 minutes.


4. Home Turmeric Mask Recipe for Pimples

It is thought that the foods you can use to make masks for acne at home may also have an effect on acne scars. Therefore, acne on the skin and acne scars as a natural acne mask recipe for turmeric mask it is also frequently preferred.


We recommend that you be very careful when applying turmeric from herbalists to your skin and use a small amount, otherwise you may cause a reaction on your skin. In fact, “How to get rid of acne rash?You should look for the answer to the ” question in your dermatologist’s office rather than quotations. Never forget this!




1 teaspoon of turmeric


2 tablespoons of yoghurt


1 teaspoon of honey




After mixing the ingredients with each other, you can apply it to your face. After waiting for the mask to dry for 15-20 minutes, you can rinse your skin. If you experience a stinging and itching sensation on your skin shortly after applying the mask, we recommend that you wash the mask without waiting.


5. Natural Acne Mask: Carbonate Mask Recipe at Home

If you have a spotty face, “What is good for acne at home?you must have done a lot of research like ”. You must have noticed that, baking soda skin mask at home it is one of the most frequently preferred materials in its production. It is said that the baking soda mask, which can be used for purposes such as lightening the skin and equalizing the skin tone, also does a very good job for acne.




1 teaspoon of baking soda






You should mix baking soda and water until it reaches the consistency of a mask. You can then apply it to your skin in a thin layer and clean it after waiting for about 10 minutes. Baking soda can be used to make a acne mask at home and is also preferred for skin blemishe