How should hair care be after bathing?

You used shampoo, conditioner or hair mask during the bath. Well, does your care end here? Of course no! There are products you should apply to your hair after leaving the bathroom. In this way, you can easily get stronger, more vibrant and shiny hair every time. 🙂


Why is post-bath care important?


Since the hair is wet after bathing, it is necessary to treat the hair more gently. If the hair is dry and needs care, it is very important to support its care with products that are not rinsed. It is necessary to prepare the hair for styling processes, especially since styling is done after bathing.


Now, let’s move on to what you need to do!


1.Drying the hair with a towel


Wet hair is much more prone to breakage because it is sensitive. Therefore, instead of rubbing your hair hard with a towel, it is a better move to wrap your hair in a towel when you leave the bathroom and wait for the wetness to go away.

Editor’s recommendation: Our recommendation is to ensure that your hair is strong against breakage and grows healthy without breaking Elseve Dream Long Bye-Bye Scissors Hair Care Cream! We do not put down this non-rinsed care cream! 🙂 Since there is no need to rinse, we apply it to the ends and lengths of our wet or dry hair.


It nourishes and repairs the ends of your hair, makes them soft and shiny, and protects them against fractures. So you don’t have to cut your hair because of fractures. So what else can you get!


2. Must be kind


You can apply care cream to your wet hair that is not rinsed before combing so that your hair is not damaged by combing. To make combing easier, we get help from non-rinsed care creams. With a few touches, we ensure that our hair is soft and easy to comb.


Editor’s recommendation: You should be as gentle as possible when combing your hair after bathing. Otherwise, your hair may break and break. Here is the tips and lengths of your hair before combing to prevent this situation Elseve Complete Resistance Anti-Spill Strengthening Care Cream’Apply and start combing your hair with the help of a comb. When combing, do not forget to comb your hair slowly with gentle movements.


Elseve Complete Resistance Anti-Shedding Strengthening Care Cream contains Biotin, Arginine protein and vitamin B5. This powerful formula acts as a weight-free protective barrier and protects and strengthens your hair. Your hair will be easily combed and shaped, nourished and strengthened. What more! :



Prevent electricity


You can get help from non-rinse oil creams to prevent static electricity and hair strands from flying. Elseve Hair Beautifying Miraculous Oil Cream, by nourishing her hair, it helps it to be shiny, shiny and soft, while helping it take shape without frizzing.


This oil cream, which contains floral oils, can protect the hair up to 230 degrees. In other words, we can also protect it by applying it to our hair before straightening, curling iron and blow drying. All you have to do is apply it to the lengths and ends of your hair. After the application, your hair will look shiny and soft!


4.Hair styling


You dried your hair and now you want to style it to look cooler? It’s a fact that especially those with curly hair try hard to make their curls stand out! Then our suggestion to you is to get more prominent curls Elseve Miraculous Oil Amla Boucle Prominentizing Hair Care Cream.A.


Apply Elseve Miraculous Oil Amla Boucle Clarifying Hair Care Cream, which nourishes the hair and allows you to reach prominent curls for 48 hours, to the ends and lengths of your wet or dry hair and wait for your hair to dry. Here are the distinctive curls of your dreams! 🙂


How does bathing mean to you? Just ‘get in the bathroom, wash, go out and dry your hair’? When you follow the suggestions we gave you, your care continues after bathing and your hair will have a fuller and brighter appearance. 🙂