5 ways to maintain healthy skin while traveling

Pollution, climate changes, dehydration and traveler stress take their toll on the skin, and while you can’t change the conditions you’re traveling in, there are several ways to take extra care of your skin, according to timesnownews.


Drink fluids to maintain normal hydration:



Window While traveling, skin tends to become dry, so, drink plenty of water and caffeine-free beverages to increase your hydration levels internally. If you are traveling on a plane, it is important to drink plenty of water for the days leading up to travel.


Use lip balm:


Traveling often causes chapped lips caused by dryness, always use a medicated lip balm.


Use sunscreen:


It is important to wear sunscreen while traveling because harmful UV rays can penetrate the skin, causing damage. Even if you are indoors, apply an appropriate amount of sunscreen that has an SPF and is lightweight. It also protects against blemishes and signs of aging.


Carry skin care products:


Not every beauty product is suitable for everyone, a lot depends on a person’s skin type, so always make sure to carry skincare products while traveling.


Wash your face frequently:



Traveling in different environments can cause a lot of sweat and dirt accumulation on the face, while you can get a detailed facial cleansing later, wash your face with a good quality face wash at least 3-4 times a day to avoid acne and breakouts.